Turn key projects

Though we have largely invested in specialized services, our company is more than able to offer turnkey projects services to its clients. Our project management team will work with you to identify your specific business needs and develop a project solution that will help you deliver effective turnkey solutions – ensuring visibility at all times.

We deliver top engineering services, manage a large network of suppliers, engage with Sub-Contractors, and take care of all legal compliance. We pride ourselves in having both a highly trained internal pool of human resources and a broad network of associates that allow us to fully meet your needs. In addition to our services listed above, we indicatively but not restrictively provide the following services:

• Basic design, and detailed engineering services
• Issue of local authorizations and permits
• Preparation, installation and restorations of site
• Foundations and civil works
• Instrument calibration and installation
• Painting , insulations and sand blasting works
• Electrical installations
• Scaffolding, rigger works and lifting equipment,
• Non destructive testing and inspection
• Pre- commissioning, commissioning and start up procedures.

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